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Clay building materials are attractive and we make it a point to showcase this. Our brochures get people excited about clay, but above all, they offer lots of information. Beginners see the most important possible applications and advantages of building with clay. Other interested parties will find comprehensive information on clay colour finishes, on timber-frame restoration, and on modern timber construction with clay. Our worksheets provide craftsmen and architects with detailed information. Our product catalogue shows all the building materials


CLAYFIX clay paints

Clay ambience made easy! Clay coatings by CLAYTEC - Now in 146 colours


Clay building materials from Claytec

Making it your home



YOSIMA is a coloured wall design material consisting of clay and earth. The brilliance and depth of colour are of never before seen quality


Clay and timber construction

Clay and timber construction — The perfect combination of clay building materials from CLAYTEC and wood. Our brochure showcases the fascination with rooms made of the two natural materials, the possible new drywall technologies and clay products, as well as elegant finish variants with clay design surfaces.


Timber-frame construction

Restoring, renewing, and insulating half-timbered structures. Our brochure showcases the fascination and aesthetics of this important historical building method utilising clay and wood. It documents all the relevant clay techniques for the restoration including interior insulation, as well as the entire portfolio of new and proven Claytec half-timbered products.


Product catalogue

CLAYTEC product catalogue

Categorised into various trades utilising clay construction, the new CLAYTEC product catalogue offers an overview of our current portfolio. All Claytec products are shown in images. Factual information is supplemented by visual representations.



Fine surfaces worksheet

Detailed, product-independent practical information on substrate preparation, the application and surface design.


Worksheet clay plasters

Detailed and cross-product practical information on product selection, substrate preparation, manual and machine processing, plastering tools and surfaces, drying and further treatment.


Worksheet Timber frame renovation

Detailed and cross-product practical information on clay brick masonry and exterior plaster, partition repair and exterior plaster, staked ceilings.


Insulation Worksheet

The long-term safety of the internal insulation with wood fibre insulation boards is based on experience, secured building material properties and building physics calculations according to generally accepted methods.


Guide ecological drywalls in system

Sustainable and healthy living construction of the future


Why clay

Better indoor climate: Optimal absorption and release of humidity.
Better climate protection: Your contribution to a better environment.
Better sound insulation: Audibly more quiet.

We help you further

Our service team will answer all your questions about your building project with clay. Personal contact persons from CLAYTEC are close to you and at your disposal.


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Technical know-how for the modern building material clay
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