Eckcouch im Wohnraum vor Wand mit farbigem YOSIMA Lehm-Designputz

Clay building materials from CLAYTEC — Making it your home

Clay is a primordial and natural material. For it to have the desired effect, it is important to work with it correctly. You can adapt your home to your own personal requirements and give it a distinct atmosphere with clay plaster. Perhaps you might find it particularly appealing to add accents via shapes and colours. Just the way you like it, from puristic to whimsical.

Competence through experience

When "Lehmbau Breidenbach" began to build with clay in 1984, knowledge and skills were on a level of the immediate post-war period. That is different today!

Reasons for the use of clay building materials

There are many good reasons to choose clay building materials from Claytec.

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