Expertise as the foundation


When Lehmbau Breidenbach began to build with clay in 1984, its knowledge and expertise were at the same level as the period right after the war. Since its standardisation in 1951, clay construction had all but ceased in West Germany. Other construction materials had been comprehensively further developed since that time.

From the very beginning, the goal of the company was to bring clay out of the niche for unique applications by craftsmen and construction clients and to integrate it into the structures of today's construction industry.

Out of the old clay building methods, processes were selected which proved their efficacy under real-world construction site conditions and where possible corresponded with current building practices. These materials and techniques were further developed and documented in the technical instruction media by CLAYTEC.

For most clay construction materials, the material data first needed to be determined. This made it necessary to conduct custom tests on heat, acoustic, and fire safety properties. CLAYTEC had component values determined for historical clay structures, for which no reference values existed in the literature at all. One particularly important developmental field were interior insulation techniques for half-timbered houses and other old buildings. Modern ecological drywall structures were constantly examined and optimised, particularly also with regard to sound insulation.

The level of legal construction supervision for the use of clay construction materials is highly developed in Germany and holds a leading international position. CLAYTEC has contributed a significant percentage to this, e.g. via co-authorship of regulations for legal construction supervision as well as via the intensive and leading collaboration in DIN standards committees and other specialist commissions. Today, clay construction materials are regulated in as much a practice-oriented and detailed manner as all other modern building materials.

CLAYTEC also maps out the positive properties of clay building materials and highlights aspects which could be discussed critically. This includes microbiological properties and the natural radioactivity. Of particular importance is examining the effects of clay building materials on the indoor climate, the indoor humidity, and smells. Acoustic aspects and sound insulation properties are additional key points. One current field is providing well-founded evidence of the excellent environmental properties of CLAYTEC clay building materials

Experience and continuity

For more than 35 years, we have worked with clay, an entire decade long as a craftsman's enterprise. This has given us a feel for the building material, and from these roots we have developed the products and techniques for CLAYTEC clay building materials. Your benefits: Truly mature building materials and applications.

Technical know-how

Heat protection, sound insulation, fire safety: If clay is to be a modern building material, questions must be asked about how it can be used in the highly technical and complex construction processes of our time. In order to map out the unique characteristics of clay, new paths need to be taken. We are specialists in this regard, and delve in-depth into the subject.


Most of the successful clay building materials available on the market today were developed and first offered by us. Timber frame bricks, clay panels, dry mortar. The first examples have always come from us. And we continue to conduct development to meet the requirements of the times and the practical needs of construction sites.

Product quality

We have not only compiled the most important rules and standards for modern clay construction, but have also made them our philosophy. We feel responsible for the quality of each individual product and delivery. With us, you know what you get. The reliable and consistent quality is one of our most important trump cards

Top information media

Application technologies in text and images: understandable, precise, reliable. Our media is constantly being praised; contributing to this is also the long continuity in our collaboration with our agency. We not only provide data sheets, but also manuals for modern clay construction. And images which are enjoyable to look at.

Service and consultation

When you call us, you will be speaking to a real person. Our field service agents are craftsmen and have first-hand experience working with our building materials. Our technical consultants know what they are talking about and want you to succeed. Personal contact with our clients is a core pillar of our company culture.